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Z War


As Thanksgiving approaches, experience true fear as you lead the last empire on earth to salvation from the zombie horde in Z War. Utilize missiles, artillery and tanks to wage a deadly campaign for the restoration of civilization in an online military RTS which pits you against countless evil undead. Can you survive the nightmare? World War Z is upon us and a horrendous virus has swept across the world. It’s a time for strength and leadership as you fight for survival. Can you can handle the responsibility of rebuilding, restoring discipline, fighting, conquering and commanding a society forged from empire war z, in the name of a united humanity.Build up your settlements and defences, gather resources, upgrade your arsenal and research technologies in order to bring back what was once a united world. Command your troops and massacre the undead, before conquering and occupying new territory to ensure your empire’s continued expansion. Train specialists in the art of combat and develop your skills to survive long enough and perhaps you just might be able to rebuild civilization from its impending doom.In the face of such an evil threat, many survivors have united as allies and factions are beginning to form. Choose to join an alliance and if you do, alongside your new allies, compete against others in online military PVP action. Upgrade and enhance your arsenal, pilot your helicopter above the battlefield, battle tank squadrons and massacre your enemies to restore discipline and a new world order. Claim crucial resources as the spoils of war and use them to increase your chances of survival.Recruit chiefs experienced in campaign warfare to your cause and they will help you gather resources and increase your resistance abilities to doom the hordes of zombies to their death. Humanity must be saved from this crisis and it is down to you, alongside your allies, to bring back discipline and rule of law to the world! Will you survive Thanksgiving?Features Overview- Download this totally free to play military RTS zombie themed game over your Thanksgiving turkey.-Seek out a trustworthy ally and fight united with millions of other chiefs worldwide.-Build a strong arsenal and stable city to protect your allies and faction from the evil, flesh hungry undead.-Research different technologies that will improve your resource production, reduce your building and recruiting times and increase your fighting effectiveness and ability to conquer your foes. Become a true leader in a military RTS zombie themed game! You’re the leader of the last empire of survivors and it’s up to you to command a united force and stay alive in the face of World War Z: hordes of terrifying evil, undead zombies. Utilise your leadership instincts, upgrade your buildings and research new technologies to save your people from a supernatural doom and bring back order to the world. Recruit elite troops! Give your people the chance and experience to become elite chiefs capable of protecting your city and occupying new territory. Form huge alliances! Resist the infection by joining with players from around the world to make friends and become allies to rival other factions.Command your troops! Select the right tactics for the enemy you face and you will soon be on a path towards domination of the post-World War Z world. Watch on as your well trained men drive tanks to massacre your rivals before conquering their territory in this cutthroat empire war z.Research cutting edge technology! Researching technology can have a dramatic effect on your and your ally’s resources, tank squadron, building and recruitment times and fighting capabilities.Civilization and humanity are counting on you from this massacre! Restore and rebuild your city and use these experiences to begin the quest to restore world order, this Thanksgiving! Check out our official Facebook page: